Scooter Ride in Japan, May 2006

Posted on September 9, 2011

Back when I was still in Japan, I had a nice Yamaha Jog ZR:

Not to mention my cool helmet:

Anyway, I came across a video I took in 2006 just before I had to sell it, because Maki and I would be moving back to Canada later that summer.  This was one of my last long rides.  Unfortunately, the most enjoyable parts of the daily commute (mountain roads overlooking Osaka city, Osaka city gridlock traffic, weaving in and out of it) aren’t on film, because I didn’t feel comfortable sticking the camera out of my duffle bag in those conditions.  This part of the journey starts after I had already gone through the tunnel under a mountain separating Osaka and Nara prefectures.  I start just on the outskirts of Ikoma city, and drive into the centre of the city, to the train station and the mall, then over the tracks and halfway up Ikoma mountain, where my apartment overlooks Ikoma:

GOOGLE MAPS LOCATION (The Light Green Building in the Centre)

Here is the journey that is in the video: GOOGLE MAPS

Here is the complete journey from work to home: GOOGLE MAPS

Here is the revised route I took once I became brave enough for the mountains: GOOGLE MAPS

So, now that Youtube allows more than 10 minutes, here is the video.  I miss that little zoomer…


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