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Posted on March 3, 2011

Well, I’ll take a break from one of my assignments to review some interesting metaphysical arguments with you. (Not mine, just interesting historical examples)

Argument For God #1:

  • By definition, God is the most perfect being (yes, even more than Bieber).
  • If God didn’t exist in reality, but only exists as an idea, then there are other things more perfect than God, because they exist (you, me, Bieber).
  • It’s absurd that we are more perfect than the most perfect being.
  • Therefore, God exists, necessarily.

Argument For God #2:

  • Suppose you were walking on a seemingly uninhabited island, and found a wrist watch in the sand.
  • You have two options: 1) The watch was created randomly through waves on the beach over time 2) The watch was in fact designed and created by an intelligent being.
  • Option #2 is obviously more likely, and is to be taken as true by sane people unless proven otherwise.
  • The Universe is extremely complex, and we are just starting to uncover its inner workings.
  • Therefore, Sane people should consider the Universe to have a designer, unless proven otherwise.
  • Therefore, The possibility of God existing is not absurd.

Argument for God #3:

  • Either God exists or He doesn’t.
  • Either you believe God exists or you don’t.
  • Therefore, There are only 4 possible outcomes:
  • If God exists and you believe, then you will receive eternal bliss.
  • If God exists and you don’t believe, then you will receive eternal torment.
  • If God doesn’t exist and you believe, then you gain little (a virtuous life) and lose little (some time and money wasted looking after your church, for example).
  • If God doesn’t exist and you don’t believe, then you have gained little (more free time) and lost nothing.
  • Therefore, The best option is to believe in God as the trade-off is such that being wrong is trivial but being right has a great reward.  Not believing would result in a possible horrible outcome or a trivial outcome, so believing is clearly the best bet.

I’ve been reading student papers discussing these arguments and their strengths and flaws.  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.  Currently, I fall into the hopeful agnostic camp, and find arguments 2 and 3 compelling, but not convincing.

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