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Posted on March 3, 2011

Nothing too intense today.  Just a few thoughts.

1)  Updated the daughter’s web site, and there are some cute pictures from bath time.

2) My professor thinks that adding “either” to an “or” sentence does nothing to make the “or” stronger.  How do you disagree with something that seems like an obvious truth to me.  Your thoughts?  Does “You may have coffee or tea” differ in any way from “You may have either coffee or tea”?  In my mind adding “either” makes it an exclusive choice explicitly, whereas without “either”, the “or” is a bit ambiguous, albeit assumed to be exclusive due to the convention of restaurant choices.

3)  For Canadians, we can dontate to the Japanese disaster relief easily through the Canadian Red Cross here:




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3 Responses

  1. Shelley:

    I also disagree with your professor. To me, the ‘either’ signals that you are going to choose between two things, which is more explicit than just using ‘or’. The ‘or’ alone could be for a list of many alternatives

    14.03.2011 19:08

  2. courtney:

    Amen, sister!

    14.03.2011 19:08

  3. Karl Pfeifer:

    How about:
    If you are either a member or a member’s spouse you are entitled to a reduced admission.
    Does that mean a member who is married to another member doesn’t qualify for the reduction?

    14.05.2011 02:30

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