Some Philosophy for You:

Posted on March 29, 2011

Well, I’ll take a break from one of my assignments to review some interesting metaphysical arguments with you. (Not mine, just interesting historical examples)

Argument For God #1:

  • By definition, God is the most perfect being (yes, even more than Bieber).
  • If God didn’t exist in reality, but only exists as an idea, then there are other things more perfect than God, because they exist (you, me, Bieber).
  • It’s absurd that we are more perfect than the most perfect being.
  • Therefore, God exists, necessarily.

Argument For God #2:

  • Suppose you were walking on a seemingly uninhabited island, and found a wrist watch in the sand.
  • You have two options: 1) The watch was created randomly through waves on the beach over time 2) The watch was in fact designed and created by an intelligent being.
  • Option #2 is obviously more likely, and is to be taken as true by sane people unless proven otherwise.
  • The Universe is extremely complex, and we are just starting to uncover its inner workings.
  • Therefore, Sane people should consider the Universe to have a designer, unless proven otherwise.
  • Therefore, The possibility of God existing is not absurd.

Argument for God #3:

  • Either God exists or He doesn’t.
  • Either you believe God exists or you don’t.
  • Therefore, There are only 4 possible outcomes:
  • If God exists and you believe, then you will receive eternal bliss.
  • If God exists and you don’t believe, then you will receive eternal torment.
  • If God doesn’t exist and you believe, then you gain little (a virtuous life) and lose little (some time and money wasted looking after your church, for example).
  • If God doesn’t exist and you don’t believe, then you have gained little (more free time) and lost nothing.
  • Therefore, The best option is to believe in God as the trade-off is such that being wrong is trivial but being right has a great reward.  Not believing would result in a possible horrible outcome or a trivial outcome, so believing is clearly the best bet.

I’ve been reading student papers discussing these arguments and their strengths and flaws.  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.  Currently, I fall into the hopeful agnostic camp, and find arguments 2 and 3 compelling, but not convincing.

A couple things…

Posted on March 14, 2011

Nothing too intense today.  Just a few thoughts.

1)  Updated the daughter’s web site, and there are some cute pictures from bath time.

2) My professor thinks that adding “either” to an “or” sentence does nothing to make the “or” stronger.  How do you disagree with something that seems like an obvious truth to me.  Your thoughts?  Does “You may have coffee or tea” differ in any way from “You may have either coffee or tea”?  In my mind adding “either” makes it an exclusive choice explicitly, whereas without “either”, the “or” is a bit ambiguous, albeit assumed to be exclusive due to the convention of restaurant choices.

3)  For Canadians, we can dontate to the Japanese disaster relief easily through the Canadian Red Cross here:



I Haz a Baby!

Posted on March 02, 2011

Well, Maki delivered our baby girl Erika on February 26!  So, you might not see too many posts here very often, but you most likely will find a LOT of updates over on Erika’s blog (she is so hip):

Erika Schappert’s Blog

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