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Posted on October 30, 2010

I had an AWESOME birthday, thanks to my lady.  The seven million facebook messages helped keep me away from doing any real work at work, so thanks for that too!  Rather than the traditional going-out-for steak supper, we stayed home.  There is NOTHING better than eating a sirloin steak as big as a pizza cooked to perfection, wearing pajamas, with your wife, some wine, a friend, and your cat at your feet.  Maki gave me a PS3, yet more proof that she is the best wife ever, and I found myself chuckling this morning as I looked at the arm of the couch.  We have certainly come a long way in these 31 years that I’ve been around!  So this is how the modern man of 2010 watches TV on a Saturday:

Some random photos from my new phone.

Posted on October 11, 2010

I find that with a smartphone, particularly i really good one like the Galaxy S Vibrant, I am using my Twitter and Facebook accounts more.  Also, I’m using the camera more too.  Here are some random shots, serving as my October update 🙂

These are the accessories I got for my Galaxy S in one auction on eBay for $40.  I love that fact that these things are getting so cheap and attainable.  One bonus to this phone as opposed to iPhones, is that the battery is serviceable, and this auction included 2 spares!  Sweet.

The end of a straw from KFC.  Someone somewhere is laughing at me.  This was one of those straws you take home and then unwrap from the white paper packaging.  Nice surprise!

Here is a beautiful shot of the University of Saskatchewan campus I took the other day.  The weather here the last few weeks has been wonderful.  It’s been a great way to dive into school again.

Last but not least is a lo-res (digital zoom) picture of Chi enjoying the loveseat.

Hope you are all doing well! Until next time,


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