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Posted on August 27, 2010

So it’s that time of year again: phone time.  I rarely enter into a phone contract, especially one of those popular 3-year deals here in Canada.  However, last year, Virgin Mobile, my provider, offered me free mobile Internet for as long as I signed a contract for.  I went for a year, feeling that would be about long enough before I would want to make a phone change.  That decision has worked out well, as Sasktel just released 3G service in Saskatchewan.  This means that I can now use any of the new phones all over the province, such as the iPhone 4 and it’s competitors.

I scoured the interwebs for the latest offerings.  In Canada, the best three smartphones come down to an HTC, Apple, and Samsung.  The Apple iPhone 4 is great.  It has a brilliant screen, 2 cameras, and a quick processor.  HTC makes the HTC Desire, which runs Google’s Android OS, has a nice camera, okay screen, and fast processor.  Samsung makes the Galaxy S, which has a screen that nearly matches the iPhone, 2 cameras, and uses Android.  In the end, the choice for me came down to the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S.  I chose the Galaxy, because it is more customizable with Android, as well as the replaceable battery, and the lighter weight.  I’m also excited that it acts as a portable wireless internet access point.

I can’t wait to pick it up next week.  It should be fun to play with.  One of my goals is to see if I can use a bluetooth keyboard to take notes this semester.  Speaking of which, I start my MA classes in a couple weeks.

On another note, Maki and I were out downtown today, and when I left the parking lot, I paid via the cashier on the way out.  She told me it was $2.  I looked through my wallet, and all I had was a $20 bill.  I gave that to her, which unbeknownst to me at the time, was akin to a personal insult.  “Ugh!  Are you SURE you don’t have TWO dollars?”  When did this kind of service become acceptable?  It’s like you get punished for being a patron.  At the airport, don’t go asking the airline staff a question, and don’t even think about having an issue with the bank.  I think I’m getting old…

Oh, and Maki is pregnant.

Summer Vacation & Back to School

Posted on August 07, 2010

Well, this marks the last summer vacation before I head back to school – after a six year break.  I’ll be doing my Masters in Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan.  Although I’m nervous and looking forward to it, I am also a bit apprehensive, given the public perception of my chosen academic path:

The Philosophy Section

The Philosophy Section

This was taken at the used bookstore near Clear Lake, where I’ve been vacationing this week.  At least the Philosophy books were sitting above the UFO books…

So far, this past month has been busy with mostly work, mixed in with a couple reunions.  The reunions are always fun, and this year was interesting, as a whole new generation arrived.  There were babies everywhere, much to the enjoyment of Grandma  D and my mom.

Having gone canoing, bike riding, mini golfing, and swimming, I’m looking forward to a relaxing week of work next week.  I hope you are all enjoying our last few days of summer as much as I am!

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