Hey, is it raining?

Posted on July 11, 2010

Well the big story this year in the prairies is the rain.  It’s a sad day for insurance companies here but the ducks are loving it.  “Let’s see, just close my eyes and land! – *sploosh*”  I’m at the family reunion today (the first of 2 this summer) and the valley here is a good example of the state of things.  There is a dam in the river here to protect the valley, and it has overflowed.  It’s been a couple weeks of ongoing water from the dam, with no sign of it ending.  The bridge over the river in the valley is now a couple feet above water.  Here are a few shots Maki and I took today while driving around looking at the spectacle…

Spillway at the dam.

Spillway at the dam. Normally the water is below some concrete walls, and this spillway is dry and not a raging river like in this photo.

Spillway at the dam.  Normally the water is below some concrete walls, and this spillway is dry and not a raging river like in this photo.

Lake side of spillway.

Lake side of spillway.

Lake side of spillway.  Normally the lake level is lower than some concrete walls, which are now completely overrun.

Spillway flooding the valley.

Spillway flooding the valley.

Here is a shot of the spillway flooding the valley.

Maki and I were talking about how different this is than in Japan.  There, they have flooding mostly taken care of.  I now understand why they have the concrete rivers all through the cities.

Level with the bridge.

Level with the bridge.

On the left you can see the bridge, and on the right you can see how the river is so high it’s halfway up to some trees that are on fields next to what used to be the river banks.

Well, other than the rain, Maki and I are keeping busy.  Maki is still working as a project accountant as the accounts receivable person at an engineering company in the city.  I’m assuming she is meeting all her deadlines, due to the emails I get all day “IM BOOOOOOOORED”.

I’m doing well.  I left the engineering company that Maki, dad and I were working at.  Maki is still there, but dad and I now work for an engineering company on assignment at CAMECO.  So, I officially work for Schappert Associates Ltd. now, which is nice.  We made an arrangement whereby I can work for dad at CAMECO in the fall part time, so that I can afford to live while attending my masters program at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.  That should take me about 12 months to do.  Hopefully after that, I can become a supervisor at the gas station, or maybe even go for a PhD.

Maki and I had the honour of attending Jason and Shelley’s wedding a couple weeks ago, and I was happily performing groomsman duty.  It’s always fun to hang out with Sean and Jason, and I can’t wait for Sean and Amber’s wedding next year.  I’m sure Amber can’t wait either haha.

In other news, I saw the A-Team movie this week, and I highly recommend it to anyone who liked the TV show.

I hope you are all having a great summer, and look forward to visiting many of you!  Feel free to let me know how you are doing 🙂


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