Summer is here, so the automobile takes over my life.

Posted on May 22, 2010

First, I should close the furniature drama.  Our headboard was damaged on the back, but it doesn’t appear to be visible or structural.  As such, we’ve just assembled it and left it.  The new bed frame we received appears to be okay, despite some installation issues.  The replacement dresser we received was damaged severely on the top section.  Being discontinued, Ashley was offering no means of repair or replacement.  I managed to convince the manager of the local store to exchange their display dresser for ours.  That was met with the following “we will do this, but your warranty is now void”.  So if there was any change I’d ever shop at Ashley Furniature again, that sealed to deal, lol!  NEVER.

At least we have a bedroom set now, so we’ve put the fiasco behind us.  Done.

Now that summer has arrived, my focus turns from depressing thoughts of snow-drowning to tire smoke, asphault, and supercharger whine.  First up, is the “WHAAAAAAT????” as Maki calls it.  I call it my pocket bike:

A 47CC toy, approximately 38 inches long and 23 inches high.  These things are cheap, which is a good thing.  The first time I got it running, some car buddies tried it out an prompty wrecked it twice.  Kids.  All the parts are in the twenty dollar range, so no real harm done.  I have to admit that I do enjoy driving around town with my full face helmet on.  It gets some awesome reactions.

I’ve been working long hours, so I haven’t had the energy to work on the car as often as I’d like.  But, I did volunteer to help out a friend who built and drives a mini stock circle track racecar.  I’m the crew.  Here are a few shots from last night.

This is a shot from within the pit area where I stayed.

This is the car my friend and his friend built together this winter to race this summer.

Here is my friend Dave with the car.  Him and his friend change driving duties from race to race.  Dave drove last night and was able to get the car running almost competativley.  Once they sort or their ignition issues (car randomly turns itself off) they should do well this season.

This is the car’s owner and the team’s other driver, Colin.

It looks like this summer should fly by fast, which is a bit sad.  Hopefully I remember my camera to catch most of the hijinks.  I have yet to dust off the model rocket – man so much to do!  Anyway, it’s off to Regina for some paintballing this weekend.

I hope you are all having a fun summer as well.  If not, just come for a visit 🙂

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