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    The Recent Video List: (Updated: April 14, 2006)
    August 2005 Videos (A collection of videos some adventures I had in August, 2005 after coming back from Canada to Japan.)
    Trip to Canda 2005 (A collection of videos from my Canda visit, 2005.)
    Miscelaneous Videos (A collection of videos from my old cell phone, before it got wet and died, and some recent ones from my new phone too.)
    Aichi Expo Videos (A collection of videos from the 2005 World Expo, in Aichi Japan.)
    Bowling Shoe Vending Machine (Maki shows us how to rent bowling shoes the cool way.)
    Koriyama Cherry Blossoms 2006 (We see the Koriyama Castle moat and Maki with Atsuko waving as throngs of festival goers pass by.)
    Atsuko and Maki on New Year's Eve (Atsuko doesn't want to leave Maki's Futon.)
    Chi and Maki (Maki gets Chi from the kotatsu.)
    Opening our Gifts - 2005 (You can see what we got all the way from Canada!)
    My Apartment at Christmas (A video tour.)
    Comedian Okamura on New Year's (Watch the "human paintbrush" in action.)
    Karaoke Party with JHS Teachers (This was the last day of the school year for them.)
    JHS Kids (Here they are, in action!)
    Razor Ramone Hard Gay (AKA: HG-San / Hard Gay / Razor. This comedian is huge right now)
    Sri Lankan Restaurant (Val, Maki and I are ina gret restaurant in Yagi. Betty introduced it to me.)
    Yamada JHS Card Game (Watch the grade 7s play a traditional card game.)
    Yutaka and Chi (Chi enjoys Yutaka-San's attention.)

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